“Have been coaching high school football for 25 years. I have been a 5A and 6A head coach for ten. Have been running the TFS on and off since 2009 this by far has been the most helpful system I have come across. Very well done.”

Traye Arctic, Offensive Coordinator
Wilson Central High School, Lebanon, TN


“I followed Coach Singleton on Twitter a while back, always looking to network with coaches. I watched his posts and videos and saw that several things he was posting were very similar to things I had done in the past. I had been a coach for 15 years at large schools and had recently taken an Offensive Coordinator job at a smaller school that would require a lot of our players to play both ways. It wasn’t going to be possible to be as complex offensively as I was used to, so I was looking for ideas on how to simplify. I was fortunate to have been able to go to San Antonio in January to the AFCA clinic and meet up with some guys to talk some ball one evening. We discussed a lot about RPO’s and how we all were teaching it and got some great ideas…fast forward a few months, I called Coach Singleton, and talked through what he was doing with the More With 4 System and decided it was worth it. Come to find out, one of those men that I spent time with in San Antonio was Coach Bronkhorst…small world! The foundational principles were exactly what I was looking for to make things easier for my kids. The System is easily adaptable to just about any offensive scheme, and the support you get from the guys is amazing. I’ve been able to network and trade ideas with other high school coaches all over the country, almost on a daily basis. The resources, both on paper and film, are as good and well designed as anything out there right now. I’m pumped to be a part of the More With 4 System.”

Chris MIlls, Offensive Coordinator
Leeds High School, Leeds, AL


More With 4 System is truly that, a system. I was hesitant to purchase at first, but now, my only regret is that I didn’t purchase it SOONER! The group chat app, hudl examples, install schedule, and 24/7 support from the creator (who gives you his personal cell phone) are just a few things that make More With 4 so great and easy to use. If you’re on the fence about purchasing like I was, don’t be! You, your athletes, and your offensive staff will be glad you did!

Matt Martin, Athletic Director, Offensive Coordinator
Jasper County High School, Monticello, GA


“Before joining the More With 4 System, I was going in a million different directions!  RPOs, Pre-snap Gifts, One Word Plays, Tempo, Zone Reads, etc was making me crazy.  Coach Singleton and the rest of the members quickly and patiently answered my questions.  They helped me transform what I wanted to do into what I needed to do.  They helped me adapt the system to my particular situation.  I am not just talking scheme.  I am talking practice procedures and technique.  The little things that we must get good at in order to make the offense go.  It has been and continues to be a blessing.  Joining was one of the best professional decisions that I have ever made.”

Eric Knott, Head Coach
South Fulton High School, South Fulton, TN


“The More With 4 System is more than football, sure you get a lot of football, a lot of content and a lot of support. But what is really special is the community. It’s great to be a part of a community of coaches that care about getting better and helping each other get better as well.”

Grey Powell, Athletic Director, Head Coach
Oklahoma Christian Academy, Edmond, OK


“The More With 4 System is a great resource for any offensive coach looking to better their craft. Coach Singleton has done a great job of creating a system that simplifies the way you put your offensive attack together. He takes a select number of concepts and attaches them to different formations, motions, and tags which in turn creates problems and conflicts for the opposing defense. The More With 4 System is developing into a great group of coaches looking to better themselves and willing to help each other out through the mobile app. Coach Singleton is always available for any questions you may have, and has been a great coach to learn from. I would highly recommend his system to any Coach wanting to install a dynamic attack in a simplified way.”

Austin Pink, Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach
Iowa City Liberty High School, Jophnson County, IA


The More with 4 system is phenomenal! You get a TON of information and resources. Members also constantly share information to help each other solve issues or to just bounce ideas off of each other. Iron sharpens iron! I love that it’s only a one time fee compared to a monthly fee. Definitely worth it for any football coach, but especially if you’re interested in the spread. Highly recommended!

Dusty Mack
Port Barre High School, Port Barre, LA